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Calm & Calmer | Anti-Stress Formula

Calm & Calmer | Anti-Stress Formula

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Relax When You Feel Taxed

If stress creeps into your life every once in a while, Calm & Calmer can provide anti-stress support intended to promote peace without making you feel drowsy. The formula of herbs and amino acid is designed to help you unwind so you can get back to enjoying your life to the fullest. 

  • Support from Nature

A proprietary blend of magnolia and phellodendron barks, Relora is traditionally used to help support feelings of relaxation. 

  • Adaptogenic Calm

Naturally available in the Artctic and Northern Europe, rhodiola is often considered an adaptogen and has traditionally been used to promote a number of different benefits, including calmness. 

  • Well-Rounded Formula
An amino acid thought to help promote relaxation without causing drowsiness, L-Theanine complements the benefits of Relora and rhodiola
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