This Couple Canceled Their Dream Trip to Europe. Here’s Why

This Couple Canceled Their Dream Trip to Europe. Here’s Why

Most of us dream of traveling. But is travel the best way to get a break from your daily routine? A couple in our community decided to cancel their long-planned trip to Europe for no apparent reason. When we asked them why and their answer surprised us! 

They said:

Because we decided it wasn’t what we actually wanted. We wanted a vacation.” 

Europe is fabulous—we’ve both been once or twice. But when we thought about whether we’d come back from this trip feeling rested and ready to get back to our normal routine, the answer was of course not. We’ll be exhausted, not to mention being out thousands of dollars for airfare, hotels, and transportation.

We decided that everything we really needed out of a vacation we could find nearby.” 

What do you think? With the world shrinking at a rapid clip due to the internet, travel documentaries, and social media, is traveling abroad still the best way to seize the day? And does the average city have everything you need to fully step out of the rut of day to day living and make some forever memories?

Let’s discuss. 

Cost Savings of Vacationing Locally 

First we have to talk about what you save by vacationing locally. For a trans-oceanic voyage, the average plane ticket is going to cost you somewhere between five and fifteen hundred dollars. For first class, multiply that by cinco. Staying local means putting that money towards actual divertissements.

Adventurous spirits, you might be thinking the benefits of visiting exotic cities and sampling authentic foods is completely worth the air fare. Maybe. But consider the hidden costs: When you spend more on getting somewhere, it doesn’t make sense to only stay a few days. You read us? The more you spend, the longer you may want to stay to justify the cost. That means more money on hotels, food, and transportation. Travel’s kind of a vicious cycle.

What about cruises? Cruises are generally more bang for your buck than sightseeing on land—as far as keeping the food, lodging, and entertainment all in one place. But if you don’t live close to a port city from where your cruise embarks, you might still be signing on for some airfare. 

Not to mention, staying local means driving your own car. No overpriced taxis. No waiting around (and paying) for Ubers. You’re free to zip around sites and attractions at will with only the costs of gas to worry about. Plus, you’re on your own turf. Less chance of dealing with language barriers and local traffic traps you didn’t know about. 

The Unseen Perks of a Staycation 

Our local vacationers live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Besides just opting out of travel costs, they had a lot to share about the hidden benefits of vacationing local.

“We know we haven’t been to all the best restaurants within 20 miles of us,” one of them says. 

A Feast In Your Own Backyard

Let's be honest, food is perhaps our favorite way to celebrate, relax, and make great memories with loved ones. And when it comes to memorable food experiences, we often think of exotic destinations. 

But have you tried every dish at all those local restaurants you keep meaning to check out? We all know that hidden gem tucked away in a strip mall, or the family-owned joint with the line out the door. Google reviews and Yelp have a way of cracking open your city so you can find where the hidden gems are. 

These local spots often serve up generations-old recipes, using fresh, seasonal ingredients you just can't get at a chain.  Suddenly, that "treat yourself" meal doesn't involve a plane ticket and jet lag—it's a chance to explore the culinary landscape of your own city and support your neighbors in the process.

Local Entertainment 

For entertainment, don't discount your local options. Sometimes the best adventures are the ones you don't see coming. That tiny museum down the street might be hiding a world-class collection of local art.  The community playhouse could be putting on a production that rivals anything on Broadway (and with way fewer crowds!). 

You might just be surprised at the hidden gems waiting to be discovered.  From historical thrills at a local museum to toe-tapping tunes at a community concert, there's a whole world of entertainment out there waiting to be explored, and most of it's a whole lot closer than you think.

On a serious note, getting a real taste of our local scene and culture has a way of connecting us deeply to home. The more positive memories we associate with where we live, the more grounded and content we feel. Having a firm sense of place can also be therapeutic when our daily life feels chaotic or uncertain. 

Upgrade Your Hotel 

No getting around it—your experience at a hotel can make or break your trip. The extra fifteen hundred dollars that you don’t spend on a seat in coach and jet fuel could be put towards upgrading your hotel.

Local hotels can be amazing hidden gems. Many offer luxurious amenities at a fraction of the price of anything you’d find in foreign tourist hubs. Think of the benefits of an in-house spa, world-class restaurants, and the comfort and privacy of your own suite at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, a staycation at a local hotel frees you up to explore your city like a tourist (without the tourist crowds!).  How many times have you driven by that fancy museum or historical landmark, meaning to check it out "someday"?  A staycation is the perfect excuse to finally become a tourist in your own town.  Hit all the must-see attractions, discover hidden gems, and experience your city with fresh eyes.

Many Happy Returns 

Have you ever returned to a restaurant in a far-off location, only to find it closed or completely transformed? Local adventures, on the other hand, offer the joy of repeat visits. 

That hole-in-the-wall joint with the life-changing tacos becomes your go-to spot for celebrating promotions. The quirky playhouse that puts on a hilarious improv show turns into a regular date night destination. These local gems become woven into the fabric of your life, creating happy memories you can return to again and again. So ditch the fleeting thrill of a one-time trip and embrace the chance to build lasting memories in your own backyard.


After hearing our friend’s reasoning for canceling their long-planned European crusade, we think it actually makes sense. 

“We just thought about all that precious vacation time we’d waste. It’s time we could spend relaxing, but instead we’d be wrestling luggage through airports and fighting jet lag in a strange hotel room.”

What do you think? 

Comment below whether you think international travel is overrated or if it’s still the stuff of dreams. What international memories could you not imagine ever parting with? We want to know!

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