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Lifetime vitamins




The LifeTime® Vitamins line of supplements consists of approximately 350 products that are sold directly to independent natural food stores and chain health food stores across the United States and internationally through distributors. 

For more information, please feel free to call our customer service department at 1-800-333-6168 or email us at:



Premium Quality


Today more than ever, you are conscious of the quality of the products you purchase. When it comes to proper nutrition, your decisions have great impact on something very sacred- your quality of life. LifeTime® Vitamins is a superior brand with a commitment to quality and innovative premium formulas you can trust. Look for the premium quality commitment seal proudly displayed on LifeTime® Vitamins products. As our product line continues to evolve, our commitment to you does not change.



Life's Basics


Whole food concentrates with groundbreaking vegetarian plant protein mixes and multivitamin and mineral formulas are available in liquid, tablet and vegetarian capsules. The Life's Basics® Plant Protein mix is a whole food protein powder mix. This plant protein profile consists of pea, hemp, rice and chia seed and is now offered in many delicious flavors and unique formulas geared to complement many lifestyles. Get back to basics with LifeTime® Vitamins Life's Basics®, the product line of whole food sources.





LifeGevity™ is our new product category geared towards innovative, cutting-edge antioxidants. The LifeGevity® collection of products unite top quality, time-tested ingredients that are blended together for their synergistic effectiveness. Look for the LifeGevity® logo on LifeTime® Vitamins labels.



here we grow again....


From time to time, you might see improvements in products and labels that you already purchase from us. We ask that you expect this change within our innovative product formulations as you grow with us as a customer.



LifeTime vitamins


When you choose the LifeTime® Vitamins brand, we guarantee a premium formula that you can trust. That's why since 1988, LifeTime® Vitamins has continued on its mission to manufacture products with the highest quality and without compromise.

At LifeTime® Vitamins, we are actively involved in the trends that affect consumers. As the nutraceutical industry continues to advance, we strive to enhance our competitive edge by refining the products we offer to the marketplace.

Today, nutrition and supplementation have gone beyond capsules and tablets in a bottle. As the array of nutritional products has grown, so have the methods of consumption. At LifeTime® Vitamins, we offer a full product line of traditional capsules, tablets and powders, and we have also mastered the art of creating award-winning liquid products that deliver nutrition in a very innovative and delicious way. LifeTime® Vitamins has consistently launched premium quality products and continues to set trends by creating formulas with unexpected delivery systems.




(Liquids, Tablets, Capsules, Softgels and Powders)


At the core of LifeTime® Vitamins' calcium and magnesium supplement family are its Liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate formulas, available in a variety of amazing flavors and potencies. Each serving of liquid minerals is bursting with succulent all-natural flavors. You've got to taste it to believe it!



Vitamins, Amino Acids, Diet Support

(Liquids, Tablets, Capsules and Softgels)


For many individuals, a multiple vitamin and mineral formula is the foundation of supplementing the diet. LifeTime® Vitamins has developed a broad range of vitamin supplements to suit a variety of needs. LifeTime® Vitamins offers traditional individual amino acids, the building blocks of protein, and diet support supplements to complement our vitamin and mineral product selections.



Specialty Formulas

(Liquids, Tablets, Chewable Wafers, Capsules, Softgels and Powders)


LifeTime® Vitamins offers an extensive variety of specialty supplements to complete the innovative, one-of-a-kind theme that LifeTime® Vitamins is known for. Products like Brite EyesT, Supreme Vital Hair and Advanced Joint SupportT are staples in most retail stores along with our twin-pack value savings product selection.



Digestive Support  Liquids

(Tablets, Chewable Wafers, Capsules, Softgels and Powders)


LifeTime® Vitamins offers digestive supplements and acidophilus products that are specially formulated with the latest and finest ingredients to provide nutritive support for a healthy digestive system.



Plant Proteins



LifeTime® Vitamins is pleased to introduce an exciting advancement in protein powder supplementation: Life's Basics® Plant Protein mix. This whole food supplement with a unique protein profile is derived from pea protein isolate, hemp seed, rice protein concentrate and chia seed. Life's Basics® Plant Protein mix and Pea Protein mix are available in many delicious flavors and unique formulations, and taste fantastic when mixed in pure water or a beverage of choice.